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You will only deal with professionals! MY LOBBY holds an extensive network of marketing experts with the right mix of consolidated knowledge and necessary creativity to grow and improve your internet presence.

Be successful through social media!

Measurable results

Don’t waste your money on needless advertisements again! We have got the tools to measure the results of our work precisely while avoiding unnecessary advertising expenses.


Stay confident even during a market crisis! We help you digitizing your products and services as well as marketing them.




On step ahead

Stay far ahead of the competition! Social media marketing has become indispensable to businesses around the world, that’s why it is important to establish an impressive appearance early on.

Well-directed and fast

Reaching a target group without wastage – use social media to establish a direct connection to clients and co-workers and optimize your online reach.


New Campaign

Set up your new social media campaign with us! We take into account all your wishes and build up your business with the right strategy.


Develop a social media campaign for you own store together with us and stay ahead of the competition.


You have just founded your very own fashion label, but you are not generating sales? We will create a customized strategy for you.


Promoting you bar, restaurant or café – we will come up with a significant concept and turn your location into the next place to be.


Catch a lot of attention by choosing the right strategy and gain new clients for your services easily.


Give your business the right look and a high recognition value by picking th best marketing strategy.


Participate in one of our marketing workshops and learn from real experts. We show and explain to you the newest trends and what strategies can be used to implement them.

This is how we increase your visibility!

Influencer Marketing

We provide you with a fitting influencer from our network and build up a focused and long-lasteng campaign for you. Use our influencers to grow and expand your online reach and benefit a powerful community.


Our full service carefree package enables you to focus on the operating business while we take care of your social media presence.

Social Media

We have a wide experience in designing an individual strategy and we can guarantee you an optimization of your reach and coverage on all social platforms.


Finding the right advertisement strategy for your product is our specialty. We’d love to consult you extensively and find an appropriate advertisement together.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are becoming increasingly important and appear more and more in the marketing plans of ambitious businesses.

Change the face of your brand!

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